About Us

Finally, everything that has to do with our neighborhoods is just two clicks away. Let’s GoDown.town! is an online directory, like no other, encompassing every facet of daily community life.

Who we Are

A group of local merchants, caring individuals that realize our fates are tied together to this community. Our entrepreneurial spirit is intent on serving the communities we live in, where we raise our families, attend worship services, and build our businesses. We have dedicated our efforts to helping the local shoppers by making it easy to support local merchants. In doing so, we endeavor to help our community prosper and bring in more tax dollars to the local government to make our individual neighborhoods, our communities a great place to call home!

Our Mission

To create an online directory, like no other, encompassing every facet of daily community life. To publish, maintain and connect a network of like community websites designed to entertain, educate and enlighten the residents of those neighborhoods, towns, boroughs, townships, and villages. To aid in economic revitalization in partnership with local government, school districts, charity and fundraising groups, local chambers of commerce and local businesses. To maintain the highest standards of personal morals, business ethics and web etiquette.

What we Offer

Let’s GoDown.town! brings our communities closer to home! As a resident you receive not only great benefits like easy access to many helpful external links such as classifieds sites, lottery results, local movie and TV listings, but the residents and newcomers to the community will benefit from the…


section where they can find info about everything from how to contact the utility companies to recycling schedule to postal services to transportation options, as well as all their housing options before they decide to buy a home or rent an apartment in one of the neighborhoods of this great community...


section gives you easy links to school calendars, PTA sites, child and adult education options and more, whereas...


section gives you a wealth of information about local events and community groups, your dining-out and other recreational options as well as a resident blog directory and personal/hobby pages. And finally the…


section gives you access to local businesses and service establishments, making it easy for you to patronize them by providing you with information about their business and the many specials they offer to show you how they appreciate your local patronage.