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When we launched in January 2020, we could have no idea how vital our ethos of supporting local would become just a few months later, with the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic upending lives and livelihoods.

As a Beri.Group community initiative, Let’s Go Downtown Stamford exists to support our local businesses and to connect customers with suppliers and providers within our own town. We want Stamford to stay beautiful, vibrant and appealing and for our town’s many neighborhood main streets to be a thriving hub where people can come together to enjoy great service and a more personal experience.

A sad and unintended consequence of online and big-mall shopping is the main streets of towns large and small being depleted and stores abandoned as independent businesses struggle to get by. It has changed the character of many towns in lots of states and we’re now seeing a push all over the world to reverse that trend, create economically resilient communities and revitalize neighborhoods through various “shop local” campaigns.

Let’s Go Downtown Stamford aims to help local businesses connect with customers and to inform our community about all the wonderful retail and service options right here on our doorstep. By shopping local, we keep adding to our local economy – the money stays here, the jobs stay here and the businesses we’ve grown to love stay here.

We’re fortunate to live in one of the beautiful larger towns of Connecticut’s Fairfield County – let’s work together to make sure Stamford continues to be a place we can all be proud of.

The city of Stamford has an area of 52.09 square miles, making it the largest city by area in the state of Connecticut. The city has a population of 127,410 and a population density of 3,387 people per square mile. Depending on who is counting, Stamford is composed of anywhere from 16 up to 45 distinct gem-of-neighborhoods, including 2 historic districts. We listed some main neighborhood groups below, however, some of our readers surely would identify with more, such as: Roxbury, Palmers Hill, Ridgeway, Harbor Point, Shippan Point, Dolphin Cove, Long Ridge, High Ridge, Scofieldtown, Hunting Ridge, Bulls Head, Hubbard Heights, Mid-Ridges, and Revonah Woods. Can you tell us of any we missed?

North Stamford
Newfield – Westover – Turn of River

Springdale – Belltown – Glenbrook
Downtown Stamford

West Side – Waterside – South End
East Side – Cove – Shippan

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